Cuppari Mondo Bello Launch

On July 13, you're invited to Enter Utopia. Enjoy the immersive art experience celebrating the art of Pasquale Cuppari. You'll experience the pathway to Utopia, a 12 painting series that is being offered for sale, as well as NFTs of each piece of art; along with other series by the artist.

On exhibit at FPCNY through July 31.

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The Door to Utopia

Pasquale Cuppari NFT Offering

Coming Soon.. The Door to Utopia NFT Series.

The Ticket to Utopia NFTs are projected to increase in value by nature of the small number and demand. With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x 3-way collaboration set of art experiences to invite the NFT collector onto the pathway of their own heroes journey to Utopia.  Featuring the original artwork by Pasquale Cuppari, virtual reality personalized artwork by Kyle Piorkowski.

  • Purchase of this NFT gets you all of the original full files.

PLEASE NOTE purchase of this “Ticket to enter Utopia” NFT includes unlockable content* Your package includes:

  • Your own unique shard of the Door as a Ticket to Utopia – high quality digital file. An investable asset for your portfolio that is projected to increase in value – your ticket to Utopia will be minted and available to anyone, from small to institutional investors, to take advantage of part ownership of fine art masterpieces such as the Utopia series. Assets are fractionalised using the ERC721 protocol. These fractions can then be bought and resold on this and most NFT marketplaces Upon purchasing on this platform, you will receive the remainder of unlockable content:

  • An immersive animated sequence of the paintings in the series – high quality video file

  • An image of the full Door to Utopia Collage to view in Augmented Reality at any physical location

  • A customised video created in Virtual Reality of your photo and name featured on the pathway to Utopia

  • Your piece will get added to Utopia growing world 3D tapestry made up of all NFT investors

More about the Story behind the Door to Utopia here:

Exhibition: 14C Art Fair

November 2021 @ Walter Wickiser Gallery Booth

Exhibition: Red Planet - Solo Show highlighting Cuppari's series addressing Climate Changes

October 11 through November 11, 2021 @ Walter Wickiser Gallery

Exhibition:  Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery - Group Show highlighting Pasquale Cuppari's: Ill Passagio Pandemic Series

Tuesday 9/28/21 @ Saint Elizabeth University Morristown, NJ - through end October.

Exhibition:  Novado Gallery (RED) - Group Show

Wed 03/25/2020 12:00 AM @ Novado Gallery (RED), Jersey City, NJ

Exhibition:  14C Art Fair

Sun 03/15/2020 12:00 AM @ Jersey City, NJ

Exhibition:  Pro Arts Gallery - Group Show

Sat 02/15/2020 12:00 PM @ New Jersey

Exhibition:  2019 NEO Gallery - Group Show

Mon 07/01/2019 12:00 PM @ 2019 NEO Gallery, Boonton, NJ 

Exhibition:  Competition: Celebrations / Frammenti Di Sole

Tue 01/01/2019 12:00 AM @ OTA Contemporary Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico

Exhibition:  Seeing Red

Thu 09/13/2018 12:00 PM @ Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University 

Competition:  Pleasure and Terror in Plain Air

Thu 09/13/2018 12:00 AM @ Pierro Gallery

Exhibition:  PAINTING PLUS…

Wed 01/24/2018 04:30 PM @ Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery Annunciation Center, College of Saint Elizabet

 Exhibition:  Light Years Away

Sat 06/24/2017 07:00 PM @ 237 Washington st, Newark, NJ

Exhibition:  Surfaces

Tue 06/06/2017 05:00 PM @ OTA Contemporary · Santa Fe, NM