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Meet the Artist

Pasquale Cuppari is a multi-media artist and humanist whose love for nature dates back to his earliest childhood days. Cuppari was born in a farming town of less than two hundred people in Calabria, Italy. As a young boy, Cuppari walked the fields, dug the soil, and experienced the beauty of nature.Cuppari is an expressionist painter who believes that the idea is born in the process. His numerous works consist of oils, watercolors and mixed media.


The Journey

Cuppari completed his education in Italy as a mechanical engineer, but realized early on that engineering was not what he wanted to do with his life. Moving to New York in 1957, Cuppari began a formal study of painting and music. He recorded several compositions and painted exhaustively while working to support his growing family.


Cuppari found his first opportunity to exhibit his work in 1979, when he bought an old historical building in Elizabeth, NJ. He transformed this building into an “All Arts Center,” where he co-founded two galleries through the federal C.I.T.A. program. He recruited a group of artists and set them up with studios and workshops. Through 1983, Cuppari organized monthly art openings and weekly poetry readings for this group and the surrounding community.


In 1982, by invitation, he was one of the exhibitors at the “13 Collection” gala opening at Sotheby’s New York, alongside contemporaries such as Warhol and De Kooning. In 1985, Cuppari curated his “More is More” show which showcased works from his acclaimed “Forces of Nature” and other series.


For the next 20 years, Cuppari isolated himself to compose music, write poetry and paint full time. His output was tremendous through these years as was his passion to express his innermost convictions

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